Hague’s History of the Law in South Australia, 1837 – 1867

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Hague’s History of the Law in South Australia: 1837 to 1867

Foreword by Martin Hinton KC, Director of Public Prosecutions,  South Australia

Barr Smith Press, University of Adelaide, 956 pages
$170.00 GST FREE | 2019 | Hardback | 978-1-925261-88-2

I recall first diving into Hague’s History when as

Solicitor-General I was required to trace the origins and

content of the executive power of the State in order to

understand the power that a contemporary Governor may

wield on the advice of his or her Ministers.


On another occasion I turned to Hague for his treatment of the establishment of the Supreme Court for the purpose of tracing the scope and content of the Court’s jurisdiction.


More recently it was the work Hague had done on the

first petit and grand juries that assisted in an analysis of the

protection afforded by trial by jury.


In each case the origins of important legal institutions

were critical to understanding the structure and purpose of

contemporary equivalents.

From the Foreword by the Hon. Justice Martin Hinton, August 2019

About the author

Ralph Meyrick Hague (1907-1997) had a distinguished career in the law in South Australia and was awarded a CBE for his contributions to law and legal learning.

As well as writing his own legal histories, he amassed a collection of around 40,000 books, donated after his death to the University of Adelaide Library.

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