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While there, Justice Kourakis learned one of the most important lessons in the art of advocacy when representing an appellant in a magistrate’s appeal. The case was complex in both fact and law and he offered the judge alternative grounds of appeal, one short and one long.  The judge opted for the short, which took ten minutes.  The other side was unprepared for such brevity and the appeal was quickly allowed without dealing with the longer ground.
science sample
It is in this crumpled outer quilt that decisions are made, music and mathematics are created – it is here all the higher conceptual and motor functions operate.
The brain makes up only about a fiftieth of the body’s weight but it uses a fifth of the circulating blood, oxygen and glucose.
In total, the adult brain is made up of more than 100 billion intricate cells called neurons. Each neuron is linked to neighbouring neurons by up to 50,000 connecting fibres. If each neuron was the size of a tennis ball, the brain would be half a kilometre in diameter.
legal biographical

The second great regret of Samuel Way’s life would remain a secret in Adelaide during his lifetime: the five children that he fathered with Susannah Gooding. It would take another 120 years until legal historian Alex Castles was examining some Tasmanian shipping records and realised there was a curious pattern to Way’s visits. Way usually went to Tasmania annually, but every so often he returned after nine months. Further researchers uncovered the truth. Way’s first biographer A J Hannan must have known as he curiously omits Way’s holidays in Tasmania in their entirety. It may be true, as John Bray notes, that Way’s sister destroyed his personal diaries. But Way records his trips to Tasmania in other diaries available in his public papers at the State Library.

and a restaurant review

I have spent many happy dinners at the home of Morroccan friends in Paris, who always dazzle me with flavours new and exciting to my western palate.

I have also been to Morocco’s capital Rabat and discovered that the cuisine is part of a sophisticated and ancient culture, filled with the aromas I had sampled in Paris against a backdrop of walled cities and winding casbah alleys.

When I walked through the door of Adelaide’s Le Riad restaurant, I felt immediately that I was back in Morocco.

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