John Emerson has published 0ver 80 scholarly books as a publisher across neuroscience, engineering, law, medicine and the arts.  He has authored 4 of his own, as well as editorial columns, restaurant, film and book reviews and features. He founded the University of Adelaide Press, which was launched by Nobel Literature laureate J M Coetzee, and is an adjunct member of the Adelaide Law School. A PDF version of his general CV is here.

Publishing Consultant and Writer


Biography | Autobiography | History

High Court of Australia Chief Justice (1987-1995) Sir Anthony Mason called John’s History of the Independent Bar of South Australia ‘a model history of a profession‘. Sir Anthony is known to be one of Australia’s most rigorous and demanding jurists and his legacy includes the Mabo decision.

John has published hundreds of biographical articles, three commissioned books and many dozen commissioned recorded formal interviews.

Flyers | Brochures | Guides | Web Content

John offers a quick-turnaround and a lively writing style, aimed at catching the reader’s attention and holding it.

He has created 100s of flyers and brochures, both writing and design in Adobe professional software, and organised printing and distribution.

He has over ten years creating and designing web content for university and small websites. Including this one.

Book Manuscript to Publication Management

John is one of the most experienced book publishers  across the full workflow in all subject areas. From proposal to management of freelancers through to final publication and marketing.

He is also expert in budget estimates for book projects of all types, having published over 80 complex academic works, complete with 1000s of illustrations, third party permissions, different referencing systems, indexes and updated editions.

Web Design for Independents and Small Businesses

Do you like this web site design? John designs small sites or hire a team. He puts users first and also has wide experience in online shopping carts and their challenges.

Digital Identity Protection

The internet is forever demonstrating the capacity of States and individuals for overstepping into our identities online. Large companies are too often hiding breaches in the storage of our private proprietary digital data.

It is daunting to the ordinary individual to be able to manage passwords, search histories and any other privacy concerns. John can advise and implement a working and practical solution.

This includes setting up a secure password manager, virtual private server subscription and private email with a Swiss company. Swiss because, unlike its EU and UK neighbours, Switzerland does not share private details by default with other countries. 


Higher Education Consulting for Publication through Outside Opinion Pty Ltd

John is a Senior Associate of Higher Education Consultancy Outside Opinion Pty Ltd, specialising in scholarly publication strategy and implementation. Outside Opinion is made up of a team of experienced consultants across research grant development, research capacity building, industry partnership analysis, external review, leadership and governance, and publishing and editing.

Contact Denise Meredyth (Director) via the link above.

“…excellent and insightful biography.”

John Jefferson Bray: A Vigilant Life

The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

High Court Judge Australia 1994-2009 | United Nations Rapporteur

“What a gripping book!”

John Jefferson Bray: A Vigilant Life

The Hon. Justice Gilles Renaud

Ontario Court of Justice, Canada

“His tight biographies ripple with a sense of the character as well as the life and time of his subjects.”

First Among Equals: Chief Justices of South Australia since Federation

Samela Harris

Columnist and Book Reviewer, The Advertiser, News Ltd

“a model history of a profession.”

History of the Independent Bar of South Australia

Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE QC

Chief Justice, High Court of Australia 1987 to 1995

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