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“…excellent and insightful biography.”

The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

High Court Judge Australia 1994-2009 | United Nations Rapporteur

“What a gripping book!”

The Hon. Justice Gilles Renaud

Ontario Court of Justice, Canada

“His tight biographies ripple with a sense of the character as well as the life and time of his subjects.”

Samela Harris

Columnist and Book Reviewer, The Advertiser, News Ltd

“a model history of a profession.”

Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE QC

Chief Justice, High Court of Australia 1987 to 1995

John Emerson was the founding publisher of the University of Adelaide Press. He has published 0ver 80 books as publisher, authored 4 of his own, editorial columns, restaurant, film and book reviews, articles on a wide range of topics. John lives in Adelaide, South Australia and is a regular traveller to Europe and the United States. To see samples of his publications click on Portfolio and a PDF version of his general CV is here.

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South Australia

+61 8 7324 5100

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