As a book author I published A History of the South Australian Independent BarFirst Among Equals: Chief Justices of South Australia since Federation and John Jefferson Bray: A Vigilant Life

As a publisher I founded the University of Adelaide Press and directed the publication of over 80 books. As well as the print editions, the free electronic editions went on to find well over 1 million readers world-wide.

My education includes a Masters level degree from the University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle (Diplôme d’études approfondies) and a PhD in French from Adelaide.

I write a wide range of columns and opinions – especially legal, education, science, plus occasional restaurant and film reviews.


What sort of writing do you do?
  • Engaging web content and blogs
  • Web content review and rewrite
  • Action focused newsletters
  • Convincing copywriting
  • Mainstream features and columns
  • Tuned and toned white papers
  • Entertaining speeches
  • Exemplary case studies
  • Snappy sponsored content
  • Solidly researched features
What are your rates?

I quote a flat project fee so you can manage your budget with confidence. I balance time and complexity with the word length. 

How do you work out your pricing?

I take into account:

  • how clear is the brief?
  • how complex is the work?
  • how long will it take?
  • how soon must the work begin?
  • what value can I deliver to you?
What is the process once we hire you?

In general it will go like this:

  • initial discussion
  • complete the briefing form
  • initial research
  • first draft delivered
  • 1 revision
What topics can you cover?

Legal, education, science, technology, politics, current affairs, travel, interviews.

I am always looking to try something new. It’s fresh eyes for you and a fresh challenge for me. Sometimes experts lose touch with what other people don’t know.

What is your lead time?

According to my workload I try for a 2 weeks lead time before starting new writing projects.

If it is a quick fix job (ie redo some existing text) I may be able to fit it in earlier.

Do you send a formal quote?

Yes, for our piece of mind I send a formal quote after we agree on the fee.

How do I pay you?

I will send an invoice with direct deposit details and an optional link to pay by card.

Have you got samples of your work?

Please feel welcome to download my portfolio.

How will you send me the writing?

By default in a Word document (or text only document for web content) using a secure file transfer service like WeTransfer or SwissTransfer.

john [at]

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